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My Dollar Store Christmas Party

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Santa Cup and dried fruitI just hosted a very nice holiday cookie party. I have been doing this party with the same group of women for years and years – each year at a different house.

This year it was at mine – and because I do not have a lot of storage space right now, I do not have a lot of mugs or glasses. I told my daughter about the situationĀ and she suggested that I provide mugs as party favors and let everyone take them home.

Great idea! I went to the Dollar Tree and bought enough mugs for all the guests. They also had very cheap plastic gift bags at the Dollar Tree. I am generally not a fan of plastic bags, baggies, etc, because I do not find them environmentally friendly on any level. However when I am giving out homemade food, it is kind of unavoidable.

So I filled the bags with some dried fruit from my summer dehydrating adventures. I had pears, apples, and persimmons. I made the apples three different ways – just plain, with cinnamon, and with cinnamon and sugar. Mixed them all together and put an assortment inĀ each bag and decorated with a small ornament.

The cute little ornaments were an extra find. We have a thrift store in town which runs a Christmas store every year. They started their half off sale the week before Christmas so I stopped in. Those little ornaments were two for $.25.

We had a great time – everyone brought cookies, brownies, all sorts of goodies to share. I made zucchini bread and persimmon muffins plus provided two pots of tea and a crockpot of chai. The guests went home with plates of goodies – and their Christmas cup party favor!

By the way, they had more “sophisticated” Christmas cups at Dollar Tree, also. I bought some of those and also filled with dried fruit and made more zucchini bread and persimmon bread. Those were the gifts I gave to my co-workers the next day at the office.

Santa Mugs

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