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Things I No Longer Buy

Comments Off on Things I No Longer Buy 05 February 2017

I am always interested in what people consider essential and non-essential.

Am on the same page with video creator Melody on many of her ideas. Straws are great for smoothies. Drinking smoothies right out of a cup can be very messy and prone to spilling. I have some re-usable plastic straws that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond plus a straw cleaning brush which cleans out any debris sticking to the inside of the straw.

Melody keeps her cleaning products simple and I am on board regarding using reusable materials on the Swifter instead of the disposables.

Pillows – not sure if I would get rid of mine. For shorter people, like myself, a pillow behind the back on a sofa or deep chair can make the seating more comfortable. Sofas and easy chairs can be very deep. Plus they are great to use as sleeping pillows for a sofa nap and I also will pull one off the sofa from time to time for a yoga prop.

Jury is still out for me regarding living without ottomans and coffee tables. They are great for guests, for extra seating. Best case scenario: ottoman with storage underneath. Ottomans can be converted to coffee table by putting a tray on top. Otherwise, where are you going to put your popcorn and hot chocolate in the evening?!?!

Baking supplies – yes, I have too many. However Melody’s simple collection of baking supplies would not be enough for me, as I bake quite a bit and I bake for a lot of people. One muffin tray with space for six muffins would mean that I would be standing in front of the oven all day putting muffins in one tray at a time. Not real time-efficient or energy efficient. That said, I actually do not use metal muffin pans any more. I bought re-usable silicone cupcake and muffin baking shells. They stack and take up very little room. Also – no more muffins getting stuck in the pan, they can be popped right out.

So everyone has their idea of what works and doesn’t work for them and their lives.

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