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The Number 1 Indicator of Rich Retirees

Comments Off on The Number 1 Indicator of Rich Retirees 05 March 2017

It’s like they say – you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. You can’t retire wealthy – or retire or at all if you don’t save money.

Get an emergency fund for emergencies so you don’t cash out your retirement funds when times get rough. Pay off your debt and stay out of debt. Don’t live beyond your means. All very simple. But so many people don’t do it. It is never too late. Never.

If you are depending on Social Security alone to pay the bills for you, you are in for a rough surprise. SS was never supposed to be sole retirement – it is an extra boost. It does not absolve you of taking care of yourself. Murky on how much money you can get from Social Security? Open an account on the social security website and check your social security balance now – here:

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