heating pad

DIY, Household, Personal Care

Homemade Rice Heating Pad

Comments Off on Homemade Rice Heating Pad 20 January 2017

This winter I have been warming my bed (and especially my cold feet) with two rice heating pads. One of them I purchased at a retail store and the other a friend purchased for me at a craft fair. They are both neck warmers, however I don’t like wearing them around my neck, so have […]

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milk and cookies for santa

Christmas, DIY, Food, Gift Ideas, Household, Parties

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies….

Comments Off on Cookies, Cookies, Cookies…. 20 December 2016

Here are some great resources for last minute Christmas cookies for Santa – and for cookies all week long between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am going to a New Year’s Day party potluck and believe me,I’ll be bringing a plate of some of these along… Three ingredient cookies: https://www.pillsbury.com/holidays-celebrations/christmas/easy-3-ingredient-cookies King Arthur Flour guide to […]

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Santa Mugs

Christmas, DIY, Gift Ideas, Parties, Shopping, Thrift Stores, Uncategorized

My Dollar Store Christmas Party

Comments Off on My Dollar Store Christmas Party 20 December 2016

I just hosted a very nice holiday cookie party. I have been doing this party with the same group of women for years and years – each year at a different house. This year it was at mine – and because I do not have a lot of storage space right now, I do not […]

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Woman and young girl with hula hoops outdoors smiling

DIY, Gardening, Household

Hula Hoop Hoop House

Comments Off on Hula Hoop Hoop House 13 July 2016

If your hula hoop days are over, or in my case, never started, you can recycle those old hoops into a hoop house greenhouse for your outdoor plants. Ironically, I had been looking at ways to build a hoop house and all of the videos involved PVC, cutting PVC, joining PVC, and using skills and […]

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DIY, Gardening, Green, Homestead

Grow Your Own Food for Next to Nothing

Comments Off on Grow Your Own Food for Next to Nothing 31 May 2016

Everything he says is true and has been my experience.  I have added strawberries (a perennial) to my garden, and once I get settled in my own place with my own garden, I will add asparagus, blueberries, raspberries and other perennial foods. Home composting is the best, and a combination of non-animal product food scraps […]

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hanger in closet

Cleaning, Clothes, DIY, Household

Tiny Closet Organization Tips

Comments Off on Tiny Closet Organization Tips 15 February 2016

Tiny house? Tiny Closet? Tiny Budget? No problem. The brilliant gal in this video has figured it out and is presenting some very useful tiny closet organization tips. Plus if you tend to move a lot (like I do) then your boxes are already packed.  No heavy furniture – like dressers – to haul around. Here are […]

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woman holding a cactus

DIY, Gardening, Gift Ideas, Green, Household, Thrift Stores

Mini Succulent Garden in a Mug

Comments Off on Mini Succulent Garden in a Mug 10 February 2016

Make a fun DIY succulent container garden using an ordinary dish like a cup or a mug! If you frequent thrift stores, chances are you could find a mug with a heart on it for Valentine’s Day, or Christmas or birthday themed mugs for a great gift. Or just imagine a collection of these on […]

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Woman with a money fan

Decorating, DIY, Finance, Furniture, Garage Sales, Green, Household, Money, Shopping, Thrift Stores, Tips

Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store

Comments Off on Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store 25 January 2016

In this video, Do It On A Dime, Kathryn takes us on a tour around her charming home that was literally decorated on a dime. The Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and Ikea all have great items for a very low cost. When I was outfitting a home, my favorite Goodwill finds were always kitchen ware, kitchen linens, […]

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mason jar hanging herb garden

Decorating, DIY, Gardening, Green, Household

Mason Jar Hanging Herb Garden

Comments Off on Mason Jar Hanging Herb Garden 17 May 2015

These mason jar hanging herb gardens are so cute – I have wondered how they make them.  According to this video, the key seems to be filling the jars at least 1/3 of the way with stones and pebbles for drainage. This same mason jar idea could also be cute with succulents (need less water), or […]

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Spring wreath

Decorating, DIY, Garage Sales, Gift Ideas, Household, Thrift Stores

Five Minute Dollar Tree Spring Wreath

Comments Off on Five Minute Dollar Tree Spring Wreath 06 May 2015

This cute little spring wreath literally takes five minutes and delivers a big impact. It’s also possible to find artificial flowers on sale at craft stores and at thrift stores.

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no sew t-shirt infinity scarf

Clothes, DIY, Household

No-Sew T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

Comments Off on No-Sew T-Shirt Infinity Scarf 15 January 2015

Fell in love with this no-sew t-shirt infinity scarf.  All you need is an extra large t-shirt and a pair or scissors. Easy, easy, easy.  You can find great colors in t-shirts – ones that might be too much as a shirt, but just right as a pop of scarf color.  Use what’s in your […]

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Christmas Lights

Christmas, DIY, Tech

How to Store Christmas Lights

Comments Off on How to Store Christmas Lights 01 January 2015

This is a great video showing how to cheaply and effectively store Christmas Lights  –  using materials you already have at home.  BTW I would add one more detail to this video  – if you have a lot of lights hanging in different places, make a label indicating how long the light string is and […]

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DIY Gift Box

DIY, Gift Ideas, Hobbies, Tips

DIY Gift Box

1 Comment 29 June 2014

This is just the greatest idea – a DIY Gift Box.  You can use all sorts of interesting papers – like wallpaper samples, gift wrap, the comic strips, old maps, just to name a few. The video is very clear and easy to follow – have fun!

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How To Make Soil Blocks

DIY, Gardening, Green

How To Make Soil Blocks

Comments Off on How To Make Soil Blocks 11 June 2014

Just found this really great video on how to make soil blocks.  Soil blocks are a terrific way to start seeds – there are no plastic containers and no waste.  The soil block just goes straight into the ground when you are ready to plant your seedling. Make sure that you put your soil blocs […]

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