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Let’s Scratch New Year’s Resolutions

Comments Off on Let’s Scratch New Year’s Resolutions 31 December 2016

My New Year’s Resolution List usually starts with the desire to lose between ten and three thousand pounds. Nia Vardalos New Year’s resolutions are often a joke – an old, sad one.  I have some acquaintances who own a bakery.  They always schedule a vacation right after New Year’s because historically that is when they see a drop in […]

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How to Save $24,000 in 18 Months

Comments Off on How to Save $24,000 in 18 Months 06 November 2016

Although I have never met Melanie of Anarchist Kitchen in person, I have watched her YouTube videos and read her blog and think that she is a terrific person! Smart and energetic. In this video she explains the envelope system. They look at what they spend each month and what they earn and budget it […]

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Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat

Comments Off on Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat 05 November 2016

Winter is here. Really here. How cold does it get where you live? And how expensive is it for you to keep your home warm during the winter? In this video, Frugal Green Girl talks about some of the strategies she and her family use to keep warm while keeping the thermostat low. These are […]

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How to Budget with an Inconsistent Income

Comments Off on How to Budget with an Inconsistent Income 11 July 2016

More and more of us are dealing with the effects of an inconsistent income. Often for most of our working lives. The generation before us sat down at a job in their early 20’s and stayed there until retirement. There was a steady income and then a steady retirement. Those days are long gone and […]

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How to Live on $600 a Month

Comments Off on How to Live on $600 a Month 26 May 2016

Enjoyed watching this video.  Although I do not live on a homestead, many of these principles are still valid. Taking care of your teeth, your body, your weight, and watching what you consume can circumvent many health issues. Ongoing health issues are expensive both in terms of medications, in terms of time spent going to […]

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How Sexy is Your Credit Score?

Comments Off on How Sexy is Your Credit Score? 15 April 2015

Is good credit and financial stability sexy?  Do couples with wildly different financial viewpoints make for good longterm relationships or is domestic harmony better achieved when everyone is on the same page financially? Where does financial stability stand in your list of criteria for a mate?

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Watch Your Money Grow

Comments Off on Watch Your Money Grow 02 January 2015

Simple, but cogent, advice from

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Winter Clothes

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Keep Heating Costs Down

Comments Off on Keep Heating Costs Down 26 January 2014

Heating costs can take a huge chunk out of a household budget.  Being cold is a tremendous impediment to productivity, health, and well-being.  So how do you balance keeping warm and keeping yourself financially solvent during the winter? First of all, make sure that your furnace is working well. Changing out the furnace filters every […]

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Family of Four Lives On $14,000 / Year

Comments Off on Family of Four Lives On $14,000 / Year 26 February 2013

Good job.  They never mention how medical care is covered.  I think because the husband is in the military, they have family medical care and maybe other benefits, too. I also don’t know how they came up with the money to buy a $22,000 van, pay off $8,000 on a truck and buy a$28,000 house. […]

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Living Without Money?

Comments Off on Living Without Money? 21 February 2013

In this article, a family in Germany is living an almost non-money lifestyle for the last two years, using work trades and coops to get housing and food. To a certain extent, this is admirable. Cutting down on excessive consumption is what we should all be doing. It’s not really how much you make, but […]

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Ten Things That Never Go On Sale – Not

Comments Off on Ten Things That Never Go On Sale – Not 03 February 2013

I enjoyed this article about Ten Things That Never Go On Sale from TLC (located on the Extreme Couponing Page, of course), and I was interested in seeing what services were impossible to ever find on sale. I found that almost all these services were able to be found at a discount, or you would […]

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How To Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Comments Off on How To Reduce Your Insurance Costs 16 January 2013

A recent survey showed that in 2012, 37 percent had higher insurance costs overall for all kinds of insurance, including homeowners, renters, auto, life and health coverage, while 52 percent spent about the same, and just 7 percent saw their insurance bill decrease. Here are some strategies from Bank Rate on saving on your insurance […]

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Financial Resolutions You Can Keep

Comments Off on Financial Resolutions You Can Keep 16 January 2013

It’s not too late! Your New Year’s resolutions can start whenever you want them too. The trick to making New Year’s resolutions stick is to make them do-able. This video has some great financial resolution tips that you can follow easily all year long.

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Bouncing Back from the Payroll Tax Cut Expiration

Comments Off on Bouncing Back from the Payroll Tax Cut Expiration 16 January 2013

The Payroll Tax Cut Expiration is here and the 2% tax cut that we have all been enjoying for the last few years is over, not having survived the fiscal cliff discussions. Although 2% may not seem like a lot, over the course of the year your spending money could be reduced in the hundreds […]

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