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Tax Tips

Comments Off on Tax Tips 18 March 2017

I do not like paying taxes.  Don’t get me wrong – I pay taxes and I have paid plenty  However, if there is an opportunity to legally not pay taxes – I will take that opportunity.  Sometimes the opportunity also comes in the form of doing the right thing on your tax returns so that […]

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Expenses That are Tax Deductible When Working from Home

Comments Off on Expenses That are Tax Deductible When Working from Home 16 March 2017

Do you work from home? If so, you can take some good deductions to reduce your tax bill. As a matter of fact, many people take on some at-home work precisely to gain those deductions. So if you are considering a work at home opportunity or are already working from home and interested in maximizing […]

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No, It’s Not Too Late for 2017 Resolutions

Comments Off on No, It’s Not Too Late for 2017 Resolutions 09 February 2017

The inimitable Dave Ramsey on getting and staying on track for 2017 and beyond. I especially liked the advice about the list – as soon as this video ended, I made mine. Used deadlines and specificity. It is way easier to have it on paper than in your head. I also wrote it by hand, […]

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For Sale House

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The Cheapskate Realtor

Comments Off on The Cheapskate Realtor 27 April 2015

I’m a big fan of frugal and of thrifty.  I am not a fan of cheap.  So I was pleasantly surprised to view this video regarding the cheapskate realtor who evidently can do a $3 open house.  I have seen a couple of the Extreme Cheapskate TV programs and quite frankly, found a lot of those people […]

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Pet Jobs: How To Find Them

Comments Off on Pet Jobs: How To Find Them 18 March 2013

Pet jobs can be extraordinarily lucrative. Pet jobs can be local and you can make your own schedule. The basic questions you need to ask yourself about pet jobs are: Do you like animals? Do you like other people’s animals? Are you detail oriented? Are you nurturing (not just towards the pet, but also towards […]

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Cash Flow Mastery

Comments Off on Cash Flow Mastery 05 July 2012

“How do I manage my cash while focusing on all the other things I need to manage?” Our answer is simple. Create cash-flow projections, by the month, the quarter and the year. Business owners who know where their money is coming from and where it’s going become the masters of their cash flow. They make […]

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Home Business

Your Own Company For $100

Comments Off on Your Own Company For $100 26 June 2012

Start your own company for a hundred bucks? I thought you needed an army of VC guys, advisors and attorneys for that.That’s one vision of start-ups, and there are plenty of companies that do that. The problem is that’s not what most of us are going to do. Everybody’s seeking freedom, and a lot of […]

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Home Business

Dolls to Cash

Comments Off on Dolls to Cash 22 June 2012

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How to Make $50

Comments Off on How to Make $50 21 June 2012

If you’re thinking of adding some money to your rainy-day fund, then there are a few ways to make a quick buck. But making money isn’t always easy, and some of these tasks are time-consuming, so be sure to pick ones that you don’t mind doing. Here are some suggestions: via How to Make $50.

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Free Business Cards

Comments Off on Free Business Cards 28 May 2012

Moo Printing is offering FREE Business Card Trial Pack of 50 business cards.  If you are starting your own business, or just need a limited amount of business cards, then Moo has it covered. Free Business Card Trial Pack

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How To Make Your Own Cards

Comments Off on How To Make Your Own Cards 17 May 2012

Interested in making your own cards right off your printer? Red River Paper has tutorials, templates, instructions and even a cost calculator for figuring out your cost per card.

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Spring Cleaning for Cash

Comments Off on Spring Cleaning for Cash 15 May 2012

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