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Hot Spots Make our Homes Messy

Comments Off on Hot Spots Make our Homes Messy 24 February 2017

“Hot Spots”: the areas where junk accumulates. For a lot of people, it accumulates on flat surfaces like counters, side tables, desks. I find I get hotspots in my in box, where I throw semi-urgent paperwork that I don’t what to deal with “right now”. Which means “never”. I also find that my hotspots develop […]

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Simple Household Hacks

Comments Off on Simple Household Hacks 08 July 2016

DIY flytraps, dishwasher soap blocks, fixing a leaky shower joint, and cleaning out your oddly shaped vases. These are just a few of the great household hacks in this video. Major money saving ideas.

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How to Fold a T-Shirt

Comments Off on How to Fold a T-Shirt 24 March 2016

I found this genius video on how to fold a t-shirt when I was researching closet organization.  Although the narrator uses a special folding tool, you could probably make one yourself out of a cardboard box or simply eyeball the t-shirt and fold it on a flat surface. My personal experience with t-shirts (and I […]

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cream of tartar

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Road Smudge Cream of Tartar

Comments Off on Road Smudge Cream of Tartar 08 March 2016

It was night and it was raining.  No matter how many times I ran the windshield wipers, the windshield was still blurry.  I though maybe I was having trouble with too much humidity in the car, so I turned on the a/c. Still there. Stopped at a gas station and washed the windshield. Still there. […]

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hanger in closet

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Tiny Closet Organization Tips

Comments Off on Tiny Closet Organization Tips 15 February 2016

Tiny house? Tiny Closet? Tiny Budget? No problem. The brilliant gal in this video has figured it out and is presenting some very useful tiny closet organization tips. Plus if you tend to move a lot (like I do) then your boxes are already packed.  No heavy furniture – like dressers – to haul around. Here are […]

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Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash

Comments Off on Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash 02 February 2016

Getting to zero waste – or close to it – doesn’t look that hard after seeing this video.  I already practice many of these strategies, including bringing all my own bags and containers to the store. I already purchase a lot of food items in bulk, including spices, and have started buying my laundry soap in […]

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4 Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Comments Off on 4 Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen 22 April 2015

Earth Day should be everyday!  Here are some tips on how to: Clean spilled red wine Clean out a coffee grinder Clean up cutting board stains Freshen up the garbage disposal All using items that you already have in your kitchen cupboards.  No chemicals.

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I Hate Cleaning the Bathroom

Comments Off on I Hate Cleaning the Bathroom 17 January 2015

I hate cleaning the bathroom.  I have always hated it.  I hate it so much that I hire someone to do it.  Even when I was living in a tiny apartment, I still would hire a friend to come in once a month to deep clean my bathroom.  She needed the work and I needed to get […]

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hanger in closet

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How To Clean Out Your Closet

Comments Off on How To Clean Out Your Closet 28 December 2014

Yes – this is a good week to clean out your closet, if you choose to donate, you  can donate by December 31st and get your tax deduction too. At this point in the season, you can look at your winter clothes and know already what you have worn and what you aren’t going to […]

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Un-Paper Towel

Cleaning, DIY, Green, Household, Kitchen, Tips

How To Make Un-Paper Towels

Comments Off on How To Make Un-Paper Towels 23 March 2014

What are un-paper towels?  A piece of cotton and a piece of terry cloth sewn together with a flannel lining. Why is this a great idea? Once you’ve made them you never have to do it again (unlike constantly replenishing conventional paper towels) You never run out of paper towels Storage is minimal Depending on […]

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25 Wasteful Products

Comments Off on 25 Wasteful Products 21 March 2013

We can all live without some of the 25 wasteful products that are mentioned in this article. Plastic and foil wrap are biggies. I rarely use them, as I put my food storage in containers with lids in the refrigerator.  I also have reusable containers for my lunch that I take to work.  Food that […]

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Best Buy

Cleaning, Green, Household, Office, Tech

Recycling Your Old Technology

Comments Off on Recycling Your Old Technology 03 January 2013

The holiday season and the start of the new year is when we often take stock of what we have and what we simply don’t need or use anymore. Best Buy is one of the biggest e-waste recyclers in the Unites States and this video illustrates how they recycle your old technology. For more about […]

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Summertime Uses for Baking Soda

Comments Off on Summertime Uses for Baking Soda 09 July 2012

Summer comes with all kinds of issues to resolve-from how to best clean the grill to how to ward off animals from eating your garden to how to soothe bee stings, poison ivy, and sunburn. But if you have a box of baking soda on hand, you already have the remedy for these and myriad […]

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Clutter Costs $

Comments Off on Clutter Costs $ 29 June 2012

“I feel like if I could just get rid of all this clutter, I could go on to do great things,” I say as I am pouring out my heart to Jennifer Hunter, a perfect stranger who happens to be a professional organizer.”Maybe thats why you keep the clutter,” she says, without any hesitation.I am […]

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