honey in a bowl

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Raw Vs Commercial Honey And Why It Matters

Comments Off on Raw Vs Commercial Honey And Why It Matters 19 February 2017

Just because a substance is labeled “honey” doesn’t mean it is. Sticky brown sweet stuff is appearing on grocery store shelves and instead of floral nectar made by bees, it is adulterated with ingredients such as glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, corn syrup, starch, or any other similar product. Often the pollen has been filtered out […]

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Crock pot rice

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Crockpot Rice

Comments Off on Crockpot Rice 09 January 2017

In an attempt to cut down on the amount of appliances that I have, I decided to get rid of my rice cooker – even though I was eating a fair amount of rice. It took up too much room and it sputtered while it was cooking, leaving a sticky white watery residue all around […]

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milk and cookies for santa

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Cookies, Cookies, Cookies….

Comments Off on Cookies, Cookies, Cookies…. 20 December 2016

Here are some great resources for last minute Christmas cookies for Santa – and for cookies all week long between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am going to a New Year’s Day party potluck and believe me,I’ll be bringing a plate of some of these along… Three ingredient cookies: https://www.pillsbury.com/holidays-celebrations/christmas/easy-3-ingredient-cookies King Arthur Flour guide to […]

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macaroni and cheese

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Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

Comments Off on Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese 01 November 2016

November is comfort food time! I was delighted to find this recipe for Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese. I love love love my rice cooker.  Especially since it has a steamer element. So it can truly be a multi-use appliance  Am liking this new idea of making one pot meals in it. Found this great article […]

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Dried Tomatoes

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Dehydrating Vegetables

Comments Off on Dehydrating Vegetables 22 October 2016

I don’t dehydrate vegetables as often as I dehydrate fruit, mainly because I tend to either eat the vegetables fresh or freeze them. The vegetables I usually have the most of are tomatoes and zucchinis. I grate and freeze the zucchini for zucchini bread. I do dehydrate my extra tomatoes and they are delicious for […]

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Dehydrating Fruit

Comments Off on Dehydrating Fruit 18 October 2016

Using a dehydrator to dry fruit is a no-brainer, especially in the late summer and fall when there is so much available produce. I rarely purchase produce for dehydrating – I grow some fruit, I have traded for fruit, and I have received fruit from folks with an overabundance. Dried fruit is wonderful. This year, […]

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dried pears

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Should I buy a Dehydrator?

Comments Off on Should I buy a Dehydrator? 16 October 2016

Should you? In an earlier post, I was totally on board with the fact that everyone should have a bread machine. A dehydrator is another story and that story depends on you. I have a dehydrator, a cheap one that I bought at Walmart.  I have another one in storage that I bought off of […]

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Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul

Comments Off on Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul 14 October 2016

Whether or not you are actually a vegan, a vegetarian, or whatever, it’s good to know that you can get a lot of healthy food choices at Walmart. Although it’s not my favorite place to shop for a variety of reasons, I sometimes find myself there. I went in to find one video as an […]

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bread sliced in a basket

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Do You Need a Bread Machine?

Comments Off on Do You Need a Bread Machine? 26 September 2016

Yes, yes you do. I got my first bread machine at a garage sale. It was $20. I was afraid of it and didn’t use it for two years until one day I decided that I was no longer afraid of it and went ahead and made a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread in it. […]

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Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe

Comments Off on Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe 22 September 2016

Recently went to Olive Garden Restaurant after an absence of several years. Forgot how incredibly delicious the Olive Garden salad dressing was! Especially on their ice cold salads served on a chilled plate. If you have family members who balk at eating salad, this delicious dressing might just help change their minds. Here’s the recipe […]

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S’mores and More S’mores

Comments Off on S’mores and More S’mores 05 July 2016

If you haven’t already made s’mores this summer season – you will. They are just the most delicious and guiltiest of guilty pleasure – though how guilty can they be when they are that wonderful? S’mores are cheap, fun, and everyone loves them.  I wanted to pick out a s’mores recipe but when I went […]

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rolling pin

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Three Different Pie Crust Instructions

Comments Off on Three Different Pie Crust Instructions 01 July 2016

No matter how many pie crust instructions I have tried to follow, implementing successful pie crusts has always been a mystery to me.  Probably because I started making pies before Al Gore invented the internet.  Nowadays with YouTube, anything is possible. Found this great video from Sunset that demonstrates exactly how to make three different decorative pie crusts. […]

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woman chasing money

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How to Live on $600 a Month

Comments Off on How to Live on $600 a Month 26 May 2016

Enjoyed watching this video.  Although I do not live on a homestead, many of these principles are still valid. Taking care of your teeth, your body, your weight, and watching what you consume can circumvent many health issues. Ongoing health issues are expensive both in terms of medications, in terms of time spent going to […]

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Frugal Food Storage

Comments Off on Frugal Food Storage 24 April 2016

How can frugal food storage help you get more from your food dollar. For example, when your food labels say: use by, sell by, of best by…what does that really mean in terms of food quality and safety? And did you know that if you wrap your banana stems with plastic wrap it prevents bananas […]

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