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Raw Vs Commercial Honey And Why It Matters

Comments Off on Raw Vs Commercial Honey And Why It Matters 19 February 2017

Just because a substance is labeled “honey” doesn’t mean it is. Sticky brown sweet stuff is appearing on grocery store shelves and instead of floral nectar made by bees, it is adulterated with ingredients such as glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, corn syrup, starch, or any other similar product. Often the pollen has been filtered out […]

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Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul

Comments Off on Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul 14 October 2016

Whether or not you are actually a vegan, a vegetarian, or whatever, it’s good to know that you can get a lot of healthy food choices at Walmart. Although it’s not my favorite place to shop for a variety of reasons, I sometimes find myself there. I went in to find one video as an […]

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How to Live on $600 a Month

Comments Off on How to Live on $600 a Month 26 May 2016

Enjoyed watching this video.  Although I do not live on a homestead, many of these principles are still valid. Taking care of your teeth, your body, your weight, and watching what you consume can circumvent many health issues. Ongoing health issues are expensive both in terms of medications, in terms of time spent going to […]

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Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash

Comments Off on Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash 02 February 2016

Getting to zero waste – or close to it – doesn’t look that hard after seeing this video.  I already practice many of these strategies, including bringing all my own bags and containers to the store. I already purchase a lot of food items in bulk, including spices, and have started buying my laundry soap in […]

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Red Onions

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What Type of Onion to Use?

Comments Off on What Type of Onion to Use? 18 April 2014

I am often baffled when I go into the grocery store and have to decide on which type of onion to buy for a recipe. All I know is that red onions can be eaten raw. This handy chart was on the Thrifty Couple Facebook page and it’s a useful guide for deciding what type of onion to […]

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The Year of no Sugar

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No Sugar Coconut Cake – Eve Schaub Year of No Sugar

Comments Off on No Sugar Coconut Cake – Eve Schaub Year of No Sugar 11 April 2014

Eva Schaub has just written a book called The Year of No Sugar and here is a video of her and her daughters preparing the no sugar coconut cake.  If you think that eating sugar is no big deal, check this out: “Two hundred years ago, the average American ate only 2 pounds of sugar a […]

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How to Regrow Vegetables

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Magically Regrow Vegetables

Comments Off on Magically Regrow Vegetables 06 April 2014

Not everyone knows that you can sometimes regrow vegetables, and that these successful resurrections can take place in something as small as a glass or water.  The easiest vegetables to regrow are: Scallions (the green tops): Put the white ends with their roots in a glass of water and change the water daily Garlic sprouts […]

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How to Find January Deals

Comments Off on How to Find January Deals 01 January 2014

January deals include fitness equipment, winter clothing and a slew of other items, including touchscreen computers and tax filing software.  This article from DealNews –The Best and Worst Things to Buy in January is very comprehensive. If you celebrate Christmas, this is a good time to replenish your Christmas card supplies, wrapping paper, ornaments, and to […]

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25 Wasteful Products

Comments Off on 25 Wasteful Products 21 March 2013

We can all live without some of the 25 wasteful products that are mentioned in this article. Plastic and foil wrap are biggies. I rarely use them, as I put my food storage in containers with lids in the refrigerator.  I also have reusable containers for my lunch that I take to work.  Food that […]

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Eating Raw Food on a Budget

Comments Off on Eating Raw Food on a Budget 15 March 2013

A raw food diet – also known as “living food” – is eating food that is either uncooked or has not been heated above 115 degrees.  Raw foodists use a  dehydrator to make cookies, snacks and chips. Many people believe that raw food is healthier for the body and that cooking destroys valuable enzymes. If […]

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Family of Four Lives On $14,000 / Year

Comments Off on Family of Four Lives On $14,000 / Year 26 February 2013

Good job.  They never mention how medical care is covered.  I think because the husband is in the military, they have family medical care and maybe other benefits, too. I also don’t know how they came up with the money to buy a $22,000 van, pay off $8,000 on a truck and buy a$28,000 house. […]

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Save Money On Fresh Produce

Comments Off on Save Money On Fresh Produce 10 October 2012

Finding deals on packaged goods is usually pretty easy  – there are coupons in the newspapers and online.  Packaged goods can be stockpiled, saved, stored Fresh produce is a little different and it takes more planning. Here are some of my strategies for getting good deals on produce. Go through the supermarket sales pages and […]

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Top Ten Cheap Ingredients

Comments Off on Top Ten Cheap Ingredients 10 October 2012

In this article from Epicurious, the author lists the top ten cheap ingredients that you should have in your pantry and refrigerator. These ingredients are great staples that can be dressed up or down, depending on what other ingredients you add. As a nice addition, the article also has some recipes. Top Ten Cheap Ingredients

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Ten Ways To Eat Well On A Budget

Comments Off on Ten Ways To Eat Well On A Budget 27 September 2012

The key to eating tasty, healthy food is to know what to spend money on and what to buy on sale. For example, I use solid coconut oil for sauteing food. It’s inexpensive, has a high flashpoint and a little goes a long way.  I don’t think it matters what type of oil I cook […]

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