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Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat

Comments Off on Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat 05 November 2016

Winter is here. Really here. How cold does it get where you live? And how expensive is it for you to keep your home warm during the winter? In this video, Frugal Green Girl talks about some of the strategies she and her family use to keep warm while keeping the thermostat low. These are […]

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6 Tools Every Homesteader Needs

Comments Off on 6 Tools Every Homesteader Needs 26 October 2016

I am a big fan of Becky’s Homestead  Becky is one savvy woman. I’d have her as my neighbor any day of the week. As I am thinking about buying a house in the near future and in developing an outdoor garden area, learning how to use basic tools is of interest to me. In this […]

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Grow Your Own Food for Next to Nothing

Comments Off on Grow Your Own Food for Next to Nothing 31 May 2016

Everything he says is true and has been my experience.  I have added strawberries (a perennial) to my garden, and once I get settled in my own place with my own garden, I will add asparagus, blueberries, raspberries and other perennial foods. Home composting is the best, and a combination of non-animal product food scraps […]

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How to Live on $600 a Month

Comments Off on How to Live on $600 a Month 26 May 2016

Enjoyed watching this video.  Although I do not live on a homestead, many of these principles are still valid. Taking care of your teeth, your body, your weight, and watching what you consume can circumvent many health issues. Ongoing health issues are expensive both in terms of medications, in terms of time spent going to […]

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4 Ways to Successfully Adopt New Habits

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