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Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat

Comments Off on Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat 05 November 2016

Winter is here. Really here. How cold does it get where you live? And how expensive is it for you to keep your home warm during the winter? In this video, Frugal Green Girl talks about some of the strategies she and her family use to keep warm while keeping the thermostat low. These are […]

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For Sale House

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The Cheapskate Realtor

Comments Off on The Cheapskate Realtor 27 April 2015

I’m a big fan of frugal and of thrifty.  I am not a fan of cheap.  So I was pleasantly surprised to view this video regarding the cheapskate realtor who evidently can do a $3 open house.  I have seen a couple of the Extreme Cheapskate TV programs and quite frankly, found a lot of those people […]

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Comments Off on Earthships 01 February 2015

One alternative housing option which has intrigued me for years has been the Earthship.  They are incredible structures made of old tires filled with pounded dirt.  Earthships are meant to be stand-alone ecosystems, using solar power, cross-ventilation,  site positioning, wind power, recycled water systems, and thermal mass to create a workable living space.  Plus they […]

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Frugal DIY Tiny House Owner

Comments Off on Frugal DIY Tiny House Owner 17 May 2014

This is a very interesting video about a frugal DIY tiny house owner.  Not only does she live in the house with her family, she also built the home using found materials.  The whole effect is very charming in a green and frugal way.  Many of the tiny houses I have seen are like perfectly […]

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Winter Clothes

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Keep Heating Costs Down

Comments Off on Keep Heating Costs Down 26 January 2014

Heating costs can take a huge chunk out of a household budget.  Being cold is a tremendous impediment to productivity, health, and well-being.  So how do you balance keeping warm and keeping yourself financially solvent during the winter? First of all, make sure that your furnace is working well. Changing out the furnace filters every […]

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Bargain Shopping for Dorm Rooms and Student Apartments

Comments Off on Bargain Shopping for Dorm Rooms and Student Apartments 09 August 2012

Students can find cheap dorm room and apartment essentials at garage sales, websites for used items, thrift stores, and back to school sales. As the new semester approaches, college students are busy trying to find dorm room and college apartment essentials for a reasonable price. Students need everything from bedding to mini refrigerators to basic […]

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DIY Houses for $200 or less

Comments Off on DIY Houses for $200 or less 17 July 2012

The subject of this video has built countless mini-houses, trailers, and cabins out of recyclables and junk. Re-purposing at its finest and most fun.

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Control Kitchen Remodel Costs

Comments Off on Control Kitchen Remodel Costs 12 July 2012

A kitchen remodel does not need to cost an arm and a leg, however there are ways to keep runaway costs under control. The remodeling industry seems to have turned the corner, with kitchens leading the way, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Associations latest market report. In the first three months of 2012, […]

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Amazing Deals for Renters

Comments Off on Amazing Deals for Renters 15 June 2012

Love your landlord.Though housing prices are down and rents are up, in some cities rents are still lower than they were just before the financial meltdown nearly five years ago. The most amazing deals can be found in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta and even New York, according to Dallas-based MPF Research. And researchers say that […]

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Fixer Uppers: Cost vs Value

Comments Off on Fixer Uppers: Cost vs Value 17 May 2012

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Be a Professional House Sitter

Comments Off on Be a Professional House Sitter 14 May 2012

Professional housesitting could be  a fun way to live in different places and try different things, pretty much for free.  Here’s the article below House sitting is one option for a home-based business for people who enjoy working on their own with a flexible schedule. House sitters are hired for both short- and long-term stays […]

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