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Things I No Longer Buy

Comments Off on Things I No Longer Buy 05 February 2017

I am always interested in what people consider essential and non-essential. Am on the same page with video creator Melody on many of her ideas. Straws are great for smoothies. Drinking smoothies right out of a cup can be very messy and prone to spilling. I have some re-usable plastic straws that I bought at […]

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get well soon card

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Greeting Card Discounts

Comments Off on Greeting Card Discounts 27 December 2016

Needless to say, this is a good time to pick up greeting cards.  Step into any store and you will find half price cards.  I purchased some beautiful Papyrus Christmas cards for $6.40.  They were originally $18.99.  I found them half off at CVS plus I had $3.00 in reward bucks so there you are. […]

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Sales Prices

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Best Things to Buy after Christmas

Comments Off on Best Things to Buy after Christmas 23 December 2016

Am not a fan of shopping for no reason and just because things are cheap, however, if you know that you use certain items, why not wait until those items are discounted? Here are the best things to buy after Christmas Christmas “stuff”: wrapping paper, decorations, home decor, etc. Toys and small gifts: You can […]

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Santa Mugs

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My Dollar Store Christmas Party

Comments Off on My Dollar Store Christmas Party 20 December 2016

I just hosted a very nice holiday cookie party. I have been doing this party with the same group of women for years and years – each year at a different house. This year it was at mine – and because I do not have a lot of storage space right now, I do not […]

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Christmas gift cards

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Great Deals Happening Right Now!

Comments Off on Great Deals Happening Right Now! 20 December 2016

Here are some awesome deals happening right now… Starbucks Reward Members who have the Starbucks App: Link a Visa checkout account to your Starbucks app.   Load $10 and Visa Checkout and Starbucks will match you $10.  Offer Good until 12/22 . Here’s how: https://www.starbucks.com/promo/visacheckout Whole Foods App: Lots of interesting deals when you sign in, the best being $5 off […]

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Best Things to Buy in November

Comments Off on Best Things to Buy in November 28 October 2016

Everything has it’s season – and November is evidently good for home appliances and tools. So if you are looking for a crockpot, a drill, a coffee maker, or whatever, November might be your best bet. Also winter clothes and accessories go on sale. On occasion I have even found gift cards on sale. Our […]

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Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul

Comments Off on Vegan Walmart Grocery Haul 14 October 2016

Whether or not you are actually a vegan, a vegetarian, or whatever, it’s good to know that you can get a lot of healthy food choices at Walmart. Although it’s not my favorite place to shop for a variety of reasons, I sometimes find myself there. I went in to find one video as an […]

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How to Live on $600 a Month

Comments Off on How to Live on $600 a Month 26 May 2016

Enjoyed watching this video.  Although I do not live on a homestead, many of these principles are still valid. Taking care of your teeth, your body, your weight, and watching what you consume can circumvent many health issues. Ongoing health issues are expensive both in terms of medications, in terms of time spent going to […]

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12 Costco Shopping Tips

Comments Off on 12 Costco Shopping Tips 25 February 2016

Krazy Coupon Ladies, Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler show you all the best hidden savings at Costco including how to shop without a membership, why you don’t need your coupon booklet and how to easily compare prices to Amazon! Consumer Reports put Costco to the test regarding what’s worthwhile and what’s not worthwhile to get […]

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Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store

Comments Off on Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store 25 January 2016

In this video, Do It On A Dime, Kathryn takes us on a tour around her charming home that was literally decorated on a dime. The Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and Ikea all have great items for a very low cost. When I was outfitting a home, my favorite Goodwill finds were always kitchen ware, kitchen linens, […]

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What’s On Sale In April

Comments Off on What’s On Sale In April 03 April 2014

Here’s a taste of what’s on sale in April: vacuum cleaners, cookware, summer travel, athletic shoes, gym memberships, car and tire care products, TV’s, houses, digital cameras, cruises, sneakers.  The rest you can see in the articles below Best and Worst Buys of April 2014 The Best Things to Buy in April Best and Worst […]

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Winter Clothes

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The Best Choices for Winter Clothes

Comments Off on The Best Choices for Winter Clothes 05 January 2014

Winter is here, definitely here.  And although we have passed the winter solstice and the days are slowly getting longer again, we still have quite a few months before we see warm weather again. As of this writing, storms are pounding the Northeast part of the U.S. with devastating results. So how can you get […]

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How to Find January Deals

Comments Off on How to Find January Deals 01 January 2014

January deals include fitness equipment, winter clothing and a slew of other items, including touchscreen computers and tax filing software.  This article from DealNews –The Best and Worst Things to Buy in January is very comprehensive. If you celebrate Christmas, this is a good time to replenish your Christmas card supplies, wrapping paper, ornaments, and to […]

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April’s Best Buys

Comments Off on April’s Best Buys 08 April 2013

April is a good time to book vacations, go on cruises, buy TV’s and sneakers, cookware, vaccuum cleaners (new models come out in June, go thrift store shopping (spring cleaning means everyone is donating their old stuff). Keep your eyes open also for Tax Day Freebies. Lots of stores have special deals on April 15. […]

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