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Tax Tips

Comments Off on Tax Tips 18 March 2017

I do not like paying taxes.  Don’t get me wrong – I pay taxes and I have paid plenty  However, if there is an opportunity to legally not pay taxes – I will take that opportunity.  Sometimes the opportunity also comes in the form of doing the right thing on your tax returns so that […]

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Warren Buffett’s Top Ten Rules for Success

Comments Off on Warren Buffett’s Top Ten Rules for Success 20 February 2017

A wonderful compendium of Warren Buffet-isms. He is a man of wealth, influence, integrity, and simplicity. His ten rules have nothing to do with money, actually. Find your passion Hire well Don’t care what others think Read, read, read. Keep a margin of safety Have a competitive advantage Schedule for your personality Always be competing […]

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No, It’s Not Too Late for 2017 Resolutions

Comments Off on No, It’s Not Too Late for 2017 Resolutions 09 February 2017

The inimitable Dave Ramsey on getting and staying on track for 2017 and beyond. I especially liked the advice about the list – as soon as this video ended, I made mine. Used deadlines and specificity. It is way easier to have it on paper than in your head. I also wrote it by hand, […]

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Winter lake

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It’s Winter – Own It

Comments Off on It’s Winter – Own It 07 February 2017

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week which means six more weeks of winter. I know that there were other groundhogs who did not, and that there are challenges to Phil, but I am going with Phil. Lately, I hear and read a lot about people “missing summer” and “waiting impatiently for spring” and “tired […]

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Things I No Longer Buy

Comments Off on Things I No Longer Buy 05 February 2017

I am always interested in what people consider essential and non-essential. Am on the same page with video creator Melody on many of her ideas. Straws are great for smoothies. Drinking smoothies right out of a cup can be very messy and prone to spilling. I have some re-usable plastic straws that I bought at […]

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How to Save Money on your Electric Bill

Comments Off on How to Save Money on your Electric Bill 29 January 2017

Some great and practical (and do-able) ideas regarding saving money on your electric bills.

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Three Different Pie Crust Instructions

Comments Off on Three Different Pie Crust Instructions 01 July 2016

No matter how many pie crust instructions I have tried to follow, implementing successful pie crusts has always been a mystery to me.  Probably because I started making pies before Al Gore invented the internet.  Nowadays with YouTube, anything is possible. Found this great video from Sunset that demonstrates exactly how to make three different decorative pie crusts. […]

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The Capsule Wardrobe

Comments Off on The Capsule Wardrobe 12 April 2016

A capsule wardrobe is a thrifty and sensible way to always look good. You avoid having stuffed closets filled with clothing you never wear and there is less stress when you are trying to figure out what to put on in the morning. Building your capsule wardrobe is easy once you set your color and […]

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Spending Money on Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

Comments Off on Spending Money on Stuff Won’t Make You Happy 07 April 2016

Money does indeed bring happiness – and liberation. And not having money brings stress, depression, and dependence. We all can have enough money – no matter how much or little we earn. The key is in how we spend that money and what our financial priorities are. Having more stuff does not bring happiness nor […]

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How to Fold a T-Shirt

Comments Off on How to Fold a T-Shirt 24 March 2016

I found this genius video on how to fold a t-shirt when I was researching closet organization.  Although the narrator uses a special folding tool, you could probably make one yourself out of a cardboard box or simply eyeball the t-shirt and fold it on a flat surface. My personal experience with t-shirts (and I […]

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Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash

Comments Off on Zero Waste – You Can Live Without Producing Trash 02 February 2016

Getting to zero waste – or close to it – doesn’t look that hard after seeing this video.  I already practice many of these strategies, including bringing all my own bags and containers to the store. I already purchase a lot of food items in bulk, including spices, and have started buying my laundry soap in […]

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Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store

Comments Off on Decorate on a Dime from Goodwill and Dollar Store 25 January 2016

In this video, Do It On A Dime, Kathryn takes us on a tour around her charming home that was literally decorated on a dime. The Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and Ikea all have great items for a very low cost. When I was outfitting a home, my favorite Goodwill finds were always kitchen ware, kitchen linens, […]

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Ten Things to do with Rotisserie Chicken

Comments Off on Ten Things to do with Rotisserie Chicken 08 January 2015

We have all bought rotisserie chicken, we have all eaten it, and we have all had leftovers…here’s how to make your rotisserie chicken go further and last longer. Here is the list of ideas: 1. Burrito or Tostada 2. Grain or Green Salad 3. Chicken With Rice & Steamed Veggies 4. Taco SaladAdd New 5. […]

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DIY Gift Box

DIY, Gift Ideas, Hobbies, Tips

DIY Gift Box

1 Comment 29 June 2014

This is just the greatest idea – a DIY Gift Box.  You can use all sorts of interesting papers – like wallpaper samples, gift wrap, the comic strips, old maps, just to name a few. The video is very clear and easy to follow – have fun!

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