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Let’s Scratch New Year’s Resolutions

Comments Off on Let’s Scratch New Year’s Resolutions 31 December 2016

My New Year’s Resolution List usually starts with the desire to lose between ten and three thousand pounds. Nia Vardalos New Year’s resolutions are often a joke – an old, sad one.  I have some acquaintances who own a bakery.  They always schedule a vacation right after New Year’s because historically that is when they see a drop in […]

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get well soon card

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Greeting Card Discounts

Comments Off on Greeting Card Discounts 27 December 2016

Needless to say, this is a good time to pick up greeting cards.  Step into any store and you will find half price cards.  I purchased some beautiful Papyrus Christmas cards for $6.40.  They were originally $18.99.  I found them half off at CVS plus I had $3.00 in reward bucks so there you are. […]

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Sales Prices

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Best Things to Buy after Christmas

Comments Off on Best Things to Buy after Christmas 23 December 2016

Am not a fan of shopping for no reason and just because things are cheap, however, if you know that you use certain items, why not wait until those items are discounted? Here are the best things to buy after Christmas Christmas “stuff”: wrapping paper, decorations, home decor, etc. Toys and small gifts: You can […]

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milk and cookies for santa

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Cookies, Cookies, Cookies….

Comments Off on Cookies, Cookies, Cookies…. 20 December 2016

Here are some great resources for last minute Christmas cookies for Santa – and for cookies all week long between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am going to a New Year’s Day party potluck and believe me,I’ll be bringing a plate of some of these along… Three ingredient cookies: King Arthur Flour guide to […]

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Santa Mugs

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My Dollar Store Christmas Party

Comments Off on My Dollar Store Christmas Party 20 December 2016

I just hosted a very nice holiday cookie party. I have been doing this party with the same group of women for years and years – each year at a different house. This year it was at mine – and because I do not have a lot of storage space right now, I do not […]

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Christmas gift cards

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Great Deals Happening Right Now!

Comments Off on Great Deals Happening Right Now! 20 December 2016

Here are some awesome deals happening right now… Starbucks Reward Members who have the Starbucks App: Link a Visa checkout account to your Starbucks app.   Load $10 and Visa Checkout and Starbucks will match you $10.  Offer Good until 12/22 . Here’s how: Whole Foods App: Lots of interesting deals when you sign in, the best being $5 off […]

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How to Save $24,000 in 18 Months

Comments Off on How to Save $24,000 in 18 Months 06 November 2016

Although I have never met Melanie of Anarchist Kitchen in person, I have watched her YouTube videos and read her blog and think that she is a terrific person! Smart and energetic. In this video she explains the envelope system. They look at what they spend each month and what they earn and budget it […]

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Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat

Comments Off on Keep Warm with a Low Thermostat 05 November 2016

Winter is here. Really here. How cold does it get where you live? And how expensive is it for you to keep your home warm during the winter? In this video, Frugal Green Girl talks about some of the strategies she and her family use to keep warm while keeping the thermostat low. These are […]

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macaroni and cheese

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Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

Comments Off on Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese 01 November 2016

November is comfort food time! I was delighted to find this recipe for Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese. I love love love my rice cooker.  Especially since it has a steamer element. So it can truly be a multi-use appliance  Am liking this new idea of making one pot meals in it. Found this great article […]

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Best Things to Buy in November

Comments Off on Best Things to Buy in November 28 October 2016

Everything has it’s season – and November is evidently good for home appliances and tools. So if you are looking for a crockpot, a drill, a coffee maker, or whatever, November might be your best bet. Also winter clothes and accessories go on sale. On occasion I have even found gift cards on sale. Our […]

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tape measure

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6 Tools Every Homesteader Needs

Comments Off on 6 Tools Every Homesteader Needs 26 October 2016

I am a big fan of Becky’s Homestead  Becky is one savvy woman. I’d have her as my neighbor any day of the week. As I am thinking about buying a house in the near future and in developing an outdoor garden area, learning how to use basic tools is of interest to me. In this […]

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Man with tattoos listening to headphones and singing

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Free Music Online

Comments Off on Free Music Online 26 October 2016

As it has been rainy and wintery here lately, I am spending a whole lot more time indoors. And although I don’t need to fill every minute with sound, there are times when I enjoy having some music in the background.  And if it’s free, even better. My personal favorite right now is Pandora.  The […]

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Dried Tomatoes

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Dehydrating Vegetables

Comments Off on Dehydrating Vegetables 22 October 2016

I don’t dehydrate vegetables as often as I dehydrate fruit, mainly because I tend to either eat the vegetables fresh or freeze them. The vegetables I usually have the most of are tomatoes and zucchinis. I grate and freeze the zucchini for zucchini bread. I do dehydrate my extra tomatoes and they are delicious for […]

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Dehydrating Fruit

Comments Off on Dehydrating Fruit 18 October 2016

Using a dehydrator to dry fruit is a no-brainer, especially in the late summer and fall when there is so much available produce. I rarely purchase produce for dehydrating – I grow some fruit, I have traded for fruit, and I have received fruit from folks with an overabundance. Dried fruit is wonderful. This year, […]

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